Happy 2017. The year flew past so quickly that I didn't realise it. Time and again, those who know me would know about my indifference to time (meeting deadlines for projects and my music studies are totally another thing, though). It's just another day in the calendar that has passed and so does the crossing from December 31st to the 1st of January. 

It's unusual for me to pen those excessively sentimental appreciation or bucket list, lest I'd sound weird. 2016 was different. Out goes the groggy eyed me rushing for a thesis paper and instead, more "me" time to hone and share my craft. I'm grateful to have worked with many creatives who share similar philosophies and the opportunities for me to contribute creatively. Alas, a smooth sea never made a skilful sailor. Those mistakes and the not-so-nice people i've encountered definitely shaped and made me a better person. 

It's been a while for me to get blogging off the ground. I'd love to share my two-cents worth on this platform but never really got into it (procrastination, maybe?). Never mind that I couldn't get over the fact that Christmas is long over and we have crossed over to a new year, everyone's in the mood for Lunar New Year (LNY). Ever since the passing of my late grandpa, the only thing that got me excited about LNY would be documenting the process of ushering the big day. Street photography is one of the very first genre of photography that I tried eons ago. Admittedly, not everyone can pull a Henri Cartier Bresson. It takes great courage and agility to document a decent photo on the streets. I'd always compose and click on the shutter button surreptitiously lest the subject realises i'm that creep who takes random photos of them. While creating editorial fashion and beauty content is my passion, street photography is something that I like to challenge myself. Here's to a better year ahead! 

Photos shot in Chinatown, Singapore.