As each client's preference for photography services differs, please drop me an email at chaiandbelle@gmail.com for more enquiries. 


Below are some commonly asked questions that would clear any misunderstandings between the client and photographer. 


1. RAW / Unedited Photographs

As a photographer and an artist, I highly regard post-processing as part of my work. Yes, I always shoot in RAW and will always try to get everything right in camera. But in order to achieve a certain mood or theme, color processing is required. For fashion and portraiture, I also do professional skin retouching (i.e. no overly-smoothed plastic looking skin).


2. Photo Selection

Clients will always get to select their favourite shots, either during or after the photoshoot. It is above all, important to note that a professional photographer wouldn't pass all 1000 unedited shots to clients. I will always pick the best ones out to edit and present to clients. 


3. Rates

There will always be another photographer who is willing to charge you at a much lower rate than mine. But what defines one from another would be the photographer’s style and aesthetic, as well as the quality of post-processed photos. Above all, I have a good eye for details. Thus, potential clients should always refer to my portfolio for reference first to decide if the photographer’s style and aesthetics are what they are looking for. 


4. Art Direction and Makeup Artist

As an artist, I don’t believe in mindlessly firing the camera’s shutter button. Along with my assistant, art direction and planning are always carefully carried out. Depending on clients' needs, I do have professional makeup artists onboard with me. Please do note that an extra charge applies for makeup artist as well.


5. Usage of Photos

Clients are allowed to post photos online or printed out for personal, non-commercial use. A different set of pricing is applied for commercial use. 


6. Copyright 

The photographer reserves all rights to her work.